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Hi there! I'm Dewayne Higgs, and software engineering is my passion. We all need a passion to get us through the day, and building sophisticated software platforms and teaching others to do the same happens to be mine. I especially have an affinity towards anything data analytics (logistic regressions are okay) and machine learning and artificial intelligence (neural networks are great): my doctoral and professional studies as of late have revolved around that material.

I also happen to play the violin, enjoy long walks on the beach, travel the world, and do my part in order to help grow and foster the tech climate in the Amarillo area!

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    February 7, 1986
  • work Primary Job:
    CIS Coordinator @ Amarillo College
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    Director @ Amarillo Tech Initiative
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    Co-organizer @ Amarillo Tech Meetup
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    United States
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    Too many
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    RESTful Systems, Data Analytics
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  • Data Analytics
  • RESTful Systems
  • Mobile Apps
  • JSON Consumers
  • Machine Learning/A.I.
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Experience & Education
  • assignment PRESENT
    CIS Professor
    Amarillo College
  • I provide instruction in business computer applications, problem solving techniques, visual programming languages, object-oriented programming languages, database design and programming, operating systems, computer networking, and cyber-security.

  • assignment PRESENT
    CIS Program Coordinator
    Amarillo College
  • In my capacity as CIS Program Coordinator, I provide oversight of the CIS Program budget under the guidance of the Business Systems and Emerging Technology (BSET) Department Chair as well as exercise curricular development for the CIS Program overall.

  • assignment PRESENT
    Director and Officer
    Amarillo Tech Initiative
  • I serve on the Board of Directors as well as one of the executive officers of the Amarillo Tech Initiative, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvement of the overall tech climate in Amarillo.

  • assignment 2010-2014
    Systems Analyst III
    Amarillo College
  • I maintained the College's Datatel Colleague server and relating applications, as well as co-administrate other ancillary systems, and write and code programs for operations and reporting.

  • school PRESENT
    D.Sc. in Information Systems (in progress)
    Dakota State University
  • Pursuing the study of the flow of information. This involves an approach based on qualitative and quantitiave research techniques powered by statistical math and artifically intelligent techniques.

  • school 2012-2014
    Ph.D in Software Engineering (ABD)
    North Dakota State University
  • Pursued the study of advanced software architectures, spanning from traditional client-server deployments to multi-tiered hyperscalable RESTful systems and everything in-between.

  • school 2008-2011
    M.S. in Information Systems
    Dakota State University
  • Pursued at a Masters level the flow of information in a system. My Master's Thesis was on the practical application of scheduling theory in building a room and event scheduling system.

  • school 2005-2008
    B.B.A. in CIS and Accounting (double major)
    West Texas A&M University
  • Pursued the study of computers from an applied context as well as accounting. My studies included computer programming techniques as well as the business and financial acumen for business.

Professional and Volunteer Memberships
IEEE Computing Society Professional Member and Mentor

I am one out of 50+ IEEE engineering members in the Texas Panhandle, and I'm the only mentor-level Computing Society member.

Volunteer Software Developer

I volunteer to build sophisticated I.T. systems for local area nonprofits. My most recent project is found here.

Robotics Mentor

I mentor high school students in the field of robotics. My focuses are on computer vision using OpenCV and Java programming.

Co-organizer of the Amarillo Tech Meetup

I am part of the management team that runs Amarillo's biggest grassroots community group of technologists and tech enthusiasts. We also host the area's only hack-a-thon events yearly.

Contact Me
  • business City:
    Amarillo, TX
  • email E-mail:

If you have an interest in seeking me out as a consultant or developer in the field of software engineering or machine learning, then feel free to send me an email! I'm more than willing to answer what questions you might have.